and why they are asking, what else should I do. Hmmm …..

And spinning, little bit

knitting 200114 051        knitting 200114 048





why? That is next most frequent question. May be because I like to come from point a to point b, and I know than in the middle I don’t need to worry and I can start again, without hurting anybody. And this process could be social, could be lonely. That is answer to next most frequent question. So, no, I am not lonely moron, permanently reading knitting chart and spending endless hours by knitting nonsenses. I know, than people which I love are safe and fine, and I believe than they would wish same for me, and I feel fine and safe with my knitting, or spinning.

I started make some sock, I dyed yarn, which supposed to be dark green, with touch of orange, …….

knitting 200114 042

Which isn’t. Never mind. I don’t.

knitting 200114 095 knitting 200114 094



and some very secret KAL shawl

knitting 200114 096

Plus bunch of teddy bear, invasion of teddies on my table, to be precise, parts of them, which looks very messy, but I know, when I will tidy up, they will disappear from my sight, they will lost in the baskets and I wont finish them ever, so I haven’t got space for coffee cup, but less spare parts of teddies. They are from Shetland wool, very fragile looking beasts. Still don’t done, so no pictures.


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