180214 042

 This is Gulseren, just let you know.

We have plan, after what we will sell our very successful (to be honest I find hard write this word, it is harder to pronounce it) coffee shop (beside anything else, it is to long list, what everything supposed to be there, it is growing to the size of Harrods, but much more nicer), which is still on plan I mean coffee shop, and because  we will in age when is very unsuitable to stay live here, here is to wet, to cold and  all arthritis and rheumatism only enjoy this conditions, (and we both, we are in very critical age, other day I only run on the bus stop and second day I know muscle which I didn’t know before) so we will sell our coffee baby, and we will buy vineyard in Chile (G. has weakness for south amer. vines), and all days we will tasting vine and supervising alpacas.

Until then on the needles is toooooo much, some of which is :  Russian hat numb. 3 – made of tussah silk, and I add some alpaca for partial underlining.  I choose pattern which will resemble embroidery.

180214 033

teddies 060214 027       teddies 060214 038        teddies 060214 051     teddies 060214 033

  4 little boys are finished and listed in my shop

 ……..    plus another 7 pairs of socks and one very nice shawl Thorn by Bristol Ivy (how can be someone so clever) ………


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