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Hot pot mat.

26cm/10inch x 38cm/15inch

yarn – cotton

needle – 3,5 mm

cotton fabric for underlining


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I get hold of one very nice series of postcards with smart idea how to show world beauty of Slovakian folk art ……… I used it my way.

It is originally embroidery pattern on folk costume sleeves, from Bogliarka, 1950. I made blue version of it.

I used some left overs from my stash, indigo blue cotton yarn, 2 ball of app. 50 and light blue and white.

To start, I cast on 119 stitches (pure guess, size will depends on you only, how wide you wish your mat has to be),  and also how you diced to make it, knit in rows or in rounds. Because I wanted to try steeking, I knitted in rounds, so it was necessary to left some more stitches for steeking and some for border. As border I went for simple moss stitches for about seven rounds, and 6 stitches for both sides, plus steeking stitches (I find recommendation for at least 7 stitches). Your beginning is middle stitch between steeking stitches, otherwise just simple knit  rectangle of your desire. Because I find very difficult to knit fair isle pattern with cotton yarn, I am ending up with very uneven results,  I decided to go for duplicate stitches.

On the end after cutting (if you are knitting in rounds) and etc. I only underlined it with cotton fabric.

bogliarka 001 (2)

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It is new addition to my oldest creations

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