some more nature dyes (experiments)

….. tea time blanket, yarn dyed with tea, very simple with nice effect. About pattern I used Adamas shawl designed by Miriam L. Felton, but in my case I made it square.

yarn 281014 003

Oak, Quercus cerris or Turkey oak, was lovely surprise from result, very tender mix of grey and brown, but not mess at all. I started look bit unhappy when I give them iron bath, so skeins get bit darker.

yarn 281014 026

acorns of quercus cerris (please feel free correct me, if my book search was incorrect to identify the tree)

yarn 281014 025

Ultrafine Australian merino, 225m per 100g

…….. and for the moment last is 100% British merino from Romney marsh wool which I tried to dyed with nasturtium and marigold

yarn 281014 008