It was while when I made some little creatures, today is the day (honestly some more days they were waiting for me to come to better mood and put them together) and after unhappy killing of my lovely long serving camera, which didn’t survive my challenging handling – unrepairable, I was told, I had new excuse for have more time to start new and don’t finish old.  ( and to buy new camera, for the moment it is her who is more challenging, more buttons)

I guess it take so much fuss to finish anything,  because after I have to get rid of them, in the case of toys, if they stay with me they became reminder of how much time I wasted, and wool and …………….. failure. Nobody to like them

So let see

310314 022

On and Ona, short legged teddies, why wasting time for to perfect toy, it is no leg what matter but hand which you need hold on. And it took less time to make them. Hence short legs.

310314 052

teddy mice  (or teddy rats, if it is appropriate) Om and Oma

ollie090215 013and this is another monster which look like slipping innocent doggy angel, long legged, very long legged (I assuming this supposed replaced the wings), you can see how long legged he is when he is running after royal deer in royal parks without any royal permission to do so. Ollie isn’t royalist, and sometimes not loyal either, especially when he left you middle of nowhere, and running to somewhere, apparently all the time unmistakably lead by his nose to some herd of deer.  You, (and you hoping than only you and no one else) watching fast moving small dots on the horizon which are follow by much more smaller dot, until they get lost and you wish you could get lost to, and this —— he can get lost to and never come to your life, and how stupid idea it was to have dog and why in hell you went in some —- dogs trust to get the dog…… 5 minute passed and little dot coming back, usually from unexpected direction, and usually with expression on his face which make you sort of jealous, then you didn’t have so much fun, just stay here and watch, but run …… actually you will run, to nearest exit.


And because this is no permitted we are walking a lot to avoid those very jumpy animal stuffed in every park around us.

310314 005

310314 056