190515 067


Chris Beardshaw – The Morgan Stanley Healthy Cities Garden

on Chelsea flower show (no I didn’t buy ticket, my husband has rich friends, I wouldn’t buy ticket, there are not sheep or yarn)

…and all this when you mix Alchemill mollis, Aquilega, Asplenium, Camassia leichtinii, Camassia cusickii, Digitalis alba, Dryopteris affinis, Euphorbia fireglow, Hosta Devon green, Geranium palamtum, Geranium mayflower, Geum Princess Juliana, Polystichum, Primula, Saxifraga urbium, Talictrum

not than I would recognise one, but I love them, as there were so nicely united …

250515romney yarn 008

and this is my mix of my experiment with Romney marsh wool, spun with free spirit,  full of beginner enthusiasms, and experiments (in one case I used silk noil) and lost identity ticket (so would be right to say, majority is romney marsh)

plan is – big shawl, kind of I am lonely to night, give me glass of rose, I will meditating while  listen Beethoven  string quartet n.15 in A manor (I just bought it, not than I know what I am talking about, sounds good and Monty Don liked, and I like Monty Don) and snuggle myself in warm reliable and truly natural something.

for now I cast on 220 stitches, good luck to me


and after 7 months


I finished it much more earlier, but didn’t consider it nice or something much than blanket (no shawl), until I spread it on the bed and let sun shining on it. `Hmm boy you are nice……. `

On the end I added any one ball wonder from my stash, hand spun and hand dyed obviously.


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