Spinning and knitting

Long time I am playing with idea, which isn’t new to anyone even to me, to have fleece from particular sheep (in realistic world flock, farm) and get it trough the process in ordinary house environment (such as mine) and make some very useful object foe everyday (evening) such as blanket (blankets are good, from knitters point of view they give you opportunity to play on large space (sometimes to large), you can try what ever you can effort and from user point of view from keeping them warm to be at least some kind of decorative object under their dog (destiny of majority mine knitting, they do not asking for it, they are taken).

So after what I end up rolling on the road near by after my over enthusiastic ride on the scooter, I had tiny revelation and kick in the head, about do what you want to do now, later can be late. I contacted people with sheep, with which I had good experience in the past. And I received looooots of Romney marsh fleece. I am only half way trough with spinning, so please with some days of after Christmas (for which I give to myself lovely book about natural dyeing, see here) And another day arrived big box of Jacobe fleece from Gawmless end. … Happy I am.

Only is raining every day, and if it doesn’t rainig one day next it come twice as much. Ollie going without any pusching to the bathroom for his after walk shower. Poor dog.


ohh yes, and blue and orange and greenish mess is future blanket with some flowers.



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