Nearly one year ago, ………



Very simple hat, I tried very hard to learn two colours brioche, evidently not hard enough, so as alternative I find very comfortable and effective and easy (first of all) knit and purl with two colours, which done the job.

I use mine yarn single merino minis, victims of my experiments with natural dyes…. I chose only four colours and by mixing them. I did hope in gradual colour change, which really works. (

gauge – 32 sts – 10cm or 4in X 34 round – 10cm or 4in

needle – circular needle 2,75, DPN 2,75 for finishing (straight knitting needle – which depends on your choice of cast on)

  • stitch marker
  • depending on which kind of cast on you choose – waste yarn
  • blunt tapestry needle

I used provisional tubular cast on, instruction I had from Cast on Bind off by Leslie Ann Bestor, p.123 – so I used straight needle and waste yarn.

  • cast on 140 stitches, which  gave 17in or 43cm circumference (un-stretched fabric)
  • remember that fabric knitted with two colours is less stretchy than with single colour, I recommended to knit only few rounds and start with two colours
  • knit and purl, play along with colours from until you have 65 rounds which is 7,5in or 18cm (un – stretches fabric)
  • start decreasing, every second round k, p 8, k2tog, (knit every 9th and 10th st tog),
  •                                k, p 7, k2tog
  •                                k, p 6, k2tog
  •                                k, p 5, k2tog (time to change to DPN)
  •                                k, p 4 k2tog
  •                                k, p 3 k2tog
  •                                k, p 2 k2tog
  •                                k1, p1 k2tog
  •                                k1, k2tog
  •                                k2tog – 7sts – knit about 5cm or 2in cord on two DPN and cast off ,                                  and make one tight knot.




Here are some more minis and some more I am proudly showing on Instagram (irregularly)


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